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Jill Ortman-Fouse is running to represent you on the County Council, At-Large.


Every child is an individual full of promise. Universal Pre-K access,
wrap around supports, and career pathways will unlock that promise for even more of our children

Clean Air & Water

It’s our obligation to create a more sustainable county.  From creating parks to increasing solar usage, and everything in between, we can do more.

Economic Opportunity

We must educate a highly qualified workforce and provide optimal conditions to attract and retain high wage employers and support small businesses


Affordable and reliable transportation is critical to quality of life and a thriving economy. From the Bicycle Master Plan to dedicated Metro funding, we must support enhanced connectivity.

Affordable Housing

Through partnerships with banking institutions, tax credits, higher paying jobs, and credit assistance, we can find ways to make home ownership and stable housing accessible to all
Since she was elected to the Board of Education in 2014, Jill has worked hard to strengthen educational opportunities for all of our kids. As an At-Large member, she’s pushed for improved social/emotional supports, early childhood education, and increased transparency. In 2016, Jill oversaw the school system’s first reduction in class size in years.


Strategic Planning Committee


Policy Management Committee

“Jill will be a fierce champion for social justice on the County Council. Her work on the school board has proven her as the kind of effective, compassionate leader we need right now in Montgomery County.”

Senator Will Smith (District 20)

Chair, Maryland Veterans Caucus

“At this juncture for our county, we deserve to have a council member who not only says the right things or takes the right positions but has a demonstrated record of accomplishment in improving the lives of those she serves.”
Senator Brian Feldman (District 15)

Chair, Health Subcommittee

“Jill is an incredibly passionate and creative problem solver. Her many years of experience as an advocate, driving important (and sometimes difficult) conversations, and accessibility will be amazingly valuable on the County Council.” Delegate Arianna Kelly (District 16)

President, Maryland Women's Caucus

“Jill Ortman-Fouse has worked tirelessly to address the needs MCPS students of every race, religion, or socioeconomic group.” Byron Johns

Chair, NAACP Parent's Council

“In my two decades as a professional educator, Jill has been one of the most  fiercest advocates for our children that I have ever seen from a public official. Her commitment to our school community has empowered my students to exceed their academic and social justice expectations.”

Kenneth Smith

MCPS Teacher of the Year, Washington Post

“Because we are aware of her passion for equity in Montgomery County and for the achievement of all students, BlackCAP an organization is happy to support Jill Ortman-Fouse and her run to the County Council.” BlackCAP

Organization, Montgomery Blair HS

“I haven’t made any endorsements in Council races. In this one, I endorse Jill for her commitment, hard work and visionary advocacy for our children and youth. We most certainly need an advocate for kids who struggle with mental health challenges. WAY TO GO JILL —A Woman of Substance!”

Duchy Trachtenberg

Former Member, Montgomery County Council

“We need leaders who will ask the hard questions, who have a fine point on their pencils, can cut where it’s possible and preserve where it’s needed. No one works harder than Jill. She will be an extraordinary County Council member.”

Senator Cheryl Kagan (District 17)

Chair, Joint Committee on the Management of Public Funds

“Jill has been a passionate advocate for kids and families on the school board, and I think she would be a fantastic addition to the County Council.” Delegate Eric Luedtke (District 14)

Chair, Education Subcomittee

First and foremost, Jill is a public servant who delivers. I know we can count on Jill to lift this county’s economy, expand opportunity, and keep our air & water clean.

Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo

Vice-Chair, Montgomery County Delegation

“As Jill’s colleague on the School Board I can attest to Jill being the hardest working member of the School Board.  She is a “warrior” for equity and will bring a laser beam focus to the work of the County Council to make a difference for all residents of the county.”

Jeanette Dixon

Board of Education Member, At-Large

“Jill will bring an unparalleled amount of energy and a deep passion for bettering the lives of all children and families across our county to the council.” Tom Hucker

Councilmember, District 5

“Jill Ortman-Fouse is a tremendous member of the Board of Education – energetic, open-minded, and a tireless advocate for our children. She will make a great addition to our County Council.” Hon. Neil Harris

Councilman, Gaithersburg City

“As a Board of Ed member, Jill keeps her eyes open to issues affecting our school children – academic, social, emotional, political. As a parent of children in the school system, I appreciate her candor, responsiveness, and her commitment to improving our schools, not just for some kids, but for all kids.

Frances Frost

Former President, MCCPTA

“As a member of the Board of Ed, Jill has gone out of her way to engage all of our communities to understand the issues that are important to us, really hear our concerns, and work to develop effective solutions for us.”

Mike Knapp

Former Member, Montgomery County Council

“Jill Ortman-Fouse is very responsive to the needs of her constituents. Jill knows our children need more than an excellent education. She’s successfully fought for safe, affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, and healthy nutrition for all our kids.”

Justin Chappell

Community Leader, Montgomery County